Emerging from the post-Thanksgiving lethargic coma that I have been hibernating in the past few days, I find myself suddenly facing the onslaught that is the last 15+ days of school.  It’s times like these that I wish I had the guy from ‘Braveheart’ following me around, giving me inspirational and uplifting speeches to help me rebel against English tyranny.  Or just get my projects done on time…either one works.  Seriously though someone needs to step up and motivate me.

Returning to campus was bittersweet and getting back to my independent lifestyle with my friends was awesome, but now I am cursed with a daunting level of homework and a rapidly diminishing timeframe in which to do it.  Naturally,  like most college students overwhelmed with huge amounts of work, I will be so stressed out by the mere thought of homework, that I will procrastinate and leave it to the last minute.  Smart.  There’s always time later right?

Unlike Blackberry girl who has an apparent irrational fear of syllabi and homework, I embrace studying for finals wholeheartedly.  And by wholeheartedly I mean I struggle to focus on the idea of mentally consuming eight chapters of finance in a weekend.  Eventually, I will succumb to the mind numbing realization that it’s not possible.  I’ll end up sobbing in the fetal position on the floor of the library, rocking back and forth saying “That’s it man, game over man, game over! What the hell are we gonna do now? What are we gonna do?” (Name that movie if you can).  If I’m in your way just step over me, I’ll be fine.

As the week of finals approaches, the amount of students running on Adderall, caffeine and their own tears will increase in the library.  Odds are you will not be able to claim your coveted co-laboratory or your comfy chair overlooking the hill.

The worst is knowing that the kids who have no work ethic and barely went to class are somehow doing better then you.  All that effort you put in all semester comes down to cramming all your knowledge for a single test that is worth 45% of your grade.  While your friends are not studying for their easy classes, spending their time playing the newest Call of Duty, you’re sleeping with your calculus book under your pillow, hoping some small miracle will occur and you will experience information osmosis.  Fact: it does not work and do not rely on this as your primary means of study.

Be warned oh fellow students, dark times lurk ahead for all.  The month of hell is upon us.  Be brave and remember what you have learned throughout the year and nothing can stop you.  If ever you feel overwhelmed, just Google ‘inspirational speeches from movies’ and I guarantee you’ll be up, ready to tackle anything that your philosophy course may throw at you.


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