Oh, the great state debate. It is a simple answer: it is not New York, not New Jersey, and definitely not Long Island who secretly wishes they were there own state.

For those of you who don’t know, I hail from Connecticut, specifically New Canaan, which is 20 minutes south of Fairfield.

I’m hard pressed to say there is any state better then CT mainly because I can be in NYC in an hour to enjoy all it has to offer, without having to deal with any of the draw backs such as the accent or the obnoxious personality that comes with it. Especially the arrogance New Yorkers must have to think that being obnoxious is an attractive trait.

I understand a New Yorker’s complex: if your state was next to New Jersey, you would end up looking good no matter what. But please explain to me (and the rest of the country) how two New York football teams play in New Jersey. It’s just sad.

Blackberry girl happens to come from Nassau County in Long Island. If you don’t know anything about Nassau County, simply YouTube “Nassau County State of Mind” and you will realize why it is an easy decision that she has no leg to stand on when talking about great states. Long Islanders wish they were from Fairfield County, but realize that they are on the wrong side of the Sound.

To settle the debate about Beirut vs. Beer Pong, all you have to know is in Fairfield County we call it Beirut. So respect the local lingo when your here. When your not, you can refer to it however others do.

A lot of people rank on CT and the rest of New England but it’s really out of jealousy. I’ll give New York the pizza debate, although Colony Grill’s pizza is great. It can’t really be compared to New York Pizza, but Blackberry girl frequents the establishment.

As New Englanders, we have to deal with a lot of envy from the other states. I can understand why: Massachusetts started the entire revolution, and Connecticut basically saved the entire Constitution with the Connecticut Compromise, which set up the House of Representatives and the Senate (It’s the history major in me). So on behalf of Connecticut and Massachusetts, I say you’re welcome.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are very nice people that live in all of these states. I don’t want to be getting any emails tomorrow saying I created a hostile environment for students from New Jersey or New York. But there are people from your states who bring about these stereotypes and you really can’t help it.

Most people assume that everybody from Connecticut is a rich snob who wears Nantucket red pants all the time. This is far from the truth. Most of Connecticut north of Fairfield is more like the rest of New England and consider Fairfield Countians as the exception. That being said, those of us in Fairfield County have it the best. We are from Connecticut and New England, but when spring comes we can’t wait to don our Nantucket reds.

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P.S. Emma Watson – just a week after I say I can’t wait to run into you at Brown, you leave the school. I’m sorry if my stating I wanted to run into you influenced your leaving. Hopefully now we can run into each other at NYU next year.

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