Fairfield’s StagBus shuttle service is something that is always under development with student leaders and the administration.  Due to this it will forever be a totally great thing to complain about and leave many people unhappy in the process.  That being said, Fairfield has greatly improved the StagBus since last year.  Getting rid of those stupid tiny buses that only carried 10 people (6 of which were Fairfield Prep students) was probably the most revolutionary and helpful idea ever.

This year, Fairfield added the red Stagbus you see rolling all over campus.  Everyone loves this thing because it is basically a massive couch on wheels.  Whoever finally switched the bus schedule to also run to 10:30 p.m. should be given a medal.   I can’t stress enough how stupid it is that the administration does not realize that college students don’t sleep and shutting down everything at around 8 o’clock is not helping anyone.  I think I’ve already sold one of my kidneys to the Levee to pay for my late night steak-and-cheese addictions.  Delicious steak and cheese…

For once I’m happy with a decision regarding the Stagbus. I figure my happiness can only be short lived or I’d have nothing to write about in this column.   Here I am sitting very happily on our high capacity, highly organized bus when Fairfield has to go and be all la-la-la and mess up everything.  Their new idea running the bus every 45 minutes instead of the easy to understand schedule of the bus leaving on every half hour has caused everyone to get their panties in a bunch.  The new schedule is the most confusing thing ever.  I can’t deal with change; I think I’m starting to break out in hives.  This seemingly easy change is a grave injustice to those of us who are math illiterate.  Unless we all carry around an abacus and a sextant no one will have any way of knowing when the bus is coming.  Already I have missed a bus into town because the schedule makes no sense.  I am actually typing this on my iPhone while waiting for the bus.  This time I’m going to get the timing right.

I think a better way of running the bus would be to get rid of the little loop the bus has started to do running down Reef Road.  This little useless turn was added for the stop for Fairfield’s new downtown bookstore.  The new bookstore Fairfield University opened in town is a great idea…and by great idea I mean it would be a great idea if our campus was located in downtown Fairfield.  Buying a textbook is a huge hassle now.  Someone needs to rework the bus and shave that extra 15 minutes off.  Another idea that would benefit students is to make the bus run every hour and then add stops by Wholefoods.  It’d be a little more inconvenient but at least the school could make some use out of those extra minutes being added to the schedule.

With this I shall leave you fellow stags, because I have missed yet another bus and now I guess I’ll have to break out the sextant and abacus and start charting the sun’s position to find out when the next StagBus is coming.  Safe travels.

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