Thanksgiving is over, December is here and you know what that means. It is officially the most wonderful time of the year. While we chug away during finals time, motivated by our Christmas Spotify playlists, here is the ultimate guide to shopping for a college student.

More than 24 hours in the day. For obvious reasons, like being able to sleep and procrastinate, longer. 

Uber credits. Those trips back and forth from the Point are starting to add up.

More StagBucks. To use on food from the Stag or apparel from the bookstore.

Guaranteed good grades. Imagine not studying and getting a 4.0 GPA anyway.


An IV drip of coffee. Saving money and time by just being able to run coffee through our veins would be efficient.

A faster metabolism. Then we would feel less guilty about all of the late night study snacks and days that we skip going to the gym during finals.

Scheduled nap times. Why did this stop after preschool?

The ability to multitask effectively. So that we can watch “Gilmore Girls” while writing a paper, while taking our online marketing exam and also sleeping.

A snowstorm so intense that Fairfield is forced to cancel final exams. At the risk of sounding like a character straight from “The Ultimate Christmas Present,” a major blizzard that can alleviate any stress from studying would be ideal.

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