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Had two midterms last week and is now in a state of both bliss and disbelief that they somehow got the grade. Aries, when determined, is a fearsome creature, and now they get to reap the benefits of their incessant studying and talking about their midterms.

Like a bull, Taurus puts their head down and gets the work done. If you haven’t seen Taurus in a few weeks, it’s because they’re probably studying, or recovering from studying. Take pity on them and bring them a snack. They like cookies.

Gemini hasn’t handed in a homework assignment in roughly three weeks, but they’re somehow still doing well in all of their classes. How they do it, no one knows.

These water sign motherly figures are too busy paying attention to everyone else’s well-being to focus on their own studies. Take a moment to breathe, Cancer. You aren’t responsible for the grades of everyone you know; just your own.

Taking a page from Cancer’s book, Leo is currently doing a five-person group project entirely on their own. However, this isn’t out of care for the others in their group; it’s because they know that the project will be the best it can be if and only if they do it alone.

Virgo is what is called a silent studier. You never see them go to the library or take time alone to do homework, but they still mysteriously have everything done and polished before every class, and they are somehow studying hard enough to get good grades on exams. When do they find the time between class, their extracurriculars, and their active social lives? The world may never know.

Libra is in a state of denial. If no one is there to read the homework assignment, does it still have a due date? You will find them in the lounge late into the night frantically planning a paper they should have had done days before.

Scorpio could be a silent studier, but they’re not really studying. They are pulling it off with sheer, dumb luck, and one can’t help but respect that.

Sagittarius take three times as long as it should take to do their homework because one of their tabs is always Tumblr and they’re always taking breaks to scroll for memes.

Capricorn is thriving. They know what they need to do, and they get it done. Their planners (and bullet journals) are so immaculately organized that they should be hanging in the Louvre.

Aquarius floats through life only half-aware of their surroundings. The next assignment or exam is always on their mind, but they procrastinate themselves into a state of confusion and mild panic. The ironic thing is, if they’d gotten it done earlier, they wouldn’t be this preoccupied with their schoolwork in the first place.

Pisces is being a good little fish this Pisces season by studying their hearts out. Just keep being efficient, little fish!

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