Let’s talk about “The Book”

Some people live their lives on it, others don’t even have it (you live under a rock, sorry). It has apps, pages, fans, groups and so many other things I can barely keep track of them all. It doesn’t even look like the Facebook I signed up for all the way back in October of 2005. You know, back in the day you used to put your classes on Facebook to find out who was in them. That removed a whole step from the stalking we go through now, copying the Stagweb class list and pasting it into the Facebook search bar, clearly to ask them about homework only.

Now that we are all in college, Facebook is where we can relive our weekends over and over and over again. This is both a blessing and a curse. It’s great when we don’t want to do work or get bored in class, but sucks when we think about jobs, internship, and the fact that it is on the Internet forever (forget Facebook’s User Agreement, the thing is scary). Personally I’m sick and tired of being told to watch what I put on Facebook. It gets old and let’s face it, the people hiring us partied in college — they just didn’t have Facebook. I bet if we opened their photo albums at home we would see the same type of pictures.

Now a couple of Facebook Don’ts:

1. Vague Booking: The art of status updates that say, “God I Hate This.” Either say what you hate or don’t post it.

2. Dog pictures, pictures of children, pictures that aren’t you: It’s called Facebook for a reason. If I’m friending you, I want to know it’s you.

3. Relationships With The Same Sex: We are in college now and apparently supposed to be mature, so guys and girls, stop being married to your best friends. Also it’s about time to stop saying you are engaged or married to your boyfriend. Pretty soon, you might start confusing people.

4. Notes: Facebook Notes is stupid. Get a blog and please don’t tag me in it just so I write it.

5. Drunk Facebooking: It seems like such a good idea when you start IMing that girl on Facebook chat and thinking you will be able to convince her to come over after you have come back from a party. But face it — if you couldn’t close the deal earlier in the night with a girl you saw, think how it seems IMing a girl you didn’t see at all.

6. DiFfErEnT CaSe#$!$@#: The different case and the lyrics in album names gets old. Just name it so we know what it is and it doesn’t look like you were Drunkfacebooking when you wrote it.

7. Oh and having Queenie in your middle name seriously who does that. (BlackBerry Girl)

Guys, Facebook is pretty easy for us. We don’t have to worry about uploading photo albums, tagging people or really doing much. We can sign in and just post on a few buddies’ walls and creep on those girls we are never going to talk to but know everywhere they vacation. Girls, just don’t upload every photo from the night and honestly, iPhoto has a redeye tool that does it automatically. I’m Irish, I’m pale, all my photos have redeye.

Also when you change your name on Facebook make sure your email for Facebook is not the same on your resume, they can still search you that way.

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