The semester is winding down and everyone is beginning to feel the pain that comes with it; not only the post-Clam Jam sunburns, but also the stress that accompanies final projects and exams.  Tina Fey understands our pain, as if she were a Stag, herself.

The last day of classes feels like a temporary stress relief. Until you realize that you have less than four days to take three exams and write a 15-page paper.

Realizing that leaving Fairfield means leaving all of the good food the town has to offer. Unfortunately, Flipside’s happy hour deals are included here.

Especially because there is absolutely no food left in your apartment now that the year is winding down. Also, you ran out of Stagbucks about three weeks ago.

Having to worry about packing up your entire townhouse while also juggling five final exams. 

Thank God we are done filling out those IDEA evaluations. Let’s face it, everyone dreads those yellow sheets.

The only thing motivating you through your all-nighters before exams is thinking about seeing your dog for the summer.

Does anyone understand how hard it is to leave our beach town with all of the good weather? Not to mention, Point Days.

When all of your friends live up in Boston and you’re from New York. So you have to go from living with them and seeing them everyday to maybe seeing them twice in four months.

Then you realize that even though leaving is hard, it makes coming back so much better. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, am I right?

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