Jesse Erickson ‘17- Editor-in-Chief:

Favorite mixed drink?: Mixing my drinks won’t help me deal with the stress of being EIC of this paper. But if you’re buying, I’ll take a double shot of tequila.

Worst college class taken: Well, I started as a communications major, then I was journalism, then marketing, then management and now as a senior, I am back to marketing. So you can assume that they were all the worst.


Andrew DaRosa ‘18- Executive Editor:

What’s your favorite song lyric?: “Whatever you do take care of your shoes” (“Cavern”) or “I can feel good (I feel good) about Hood.” (“Harry Hood”) Both Phish songs and both great compositions.

Who’s your favorite athlete?: Brady, who else would it be? He’s a god to us massholes and if he wins this year’s Super Bowl, he will be the winningest quarterback in NFL history. Can you say G.O.A.T.?


Catherine Veschi ‘18- Managing Editor:

Favorite upcoming tennis star with no grand slam victories?: My man JACK SOCK. Not only is he American but he has the coolest name ever and he has already run for president (losing only by a slight margin to Trump). There’s no reason not to love him.

Best prank someone has pulled on you?: A couple of cooks at the restaurant I work at called in an order for four large chocolate milkshakes and I made them without realizing they were for my co-workers. They gave me a decent sized tip so we’re on good terms now.


Juliana Sansonetti ‘18 – News Editor:

If you could marry any celebrity, who would it be?: Buster Keaton … duh! He is the sexiest silent film star out there, after all. Though I do feel a little bad about stealing him from Eleanor. But then again they’re both dead, so they probs won’t mind.

What’s your longest snapchat streak of all time?: Who’s counting? I prefer stalking the Buzzfeed snapchat and then going back on Tumblr or Fanfiction anyway.


Deanna Carbone ‘19- Assistant News Editor:

Favorite kind of pasta?: Definitely fettuccini with alfredo (no relation to the sports editor).

Favorite sport that requires a racket?: Badminton obviously. I was a badminton tournament champion in my 11th grade gym class. Due to scheduling conflicts, I was unable to participate in the Rio Olympics.


Lexi Thimble ‘20- Co-Opinion Editor:

Favorite Shrek character?: Donkey, or Puss in Boots. He’s pretty rad.

Favorite Concert?: Paul McCartney


Alicia Phaneuf ‘19- Vine Editor:

Favorite kitchen seasoning that isn’t salt or pepper?: Crushed red pepper, like the spicy kind you put on pizza.

X-Men or Avengers?: Avengers for sure


Cara Lee ‘19- Assistant Vine Editor:

How do you like your eggs?: As scrambled as my brain get looking at a math problem and as cheesy as my puns.

Favorite Cards Against Humanity Card?: “Kidnapping a barely legal human to time travel with him.”


Alfredo Torres ‘18- Sports Editor:

If you could go pro in any sport, which one would it be?: If I could go pro, I would definitely choose basketball. First off basketball is my favorite sport, but in my opinion it’s also the best. It’s not like football where your team plays only once a week, in basketball you usually have 3-4 games a week. Anything can happen in basketball, you may be down by 15 in the fourth quarter but you can easily come back to win the game and make history. Being able to play ball alongside the best in the game against the best of the best would be the best job in the world, did I mention that basketball is the best?!

What’s your favorite hairstyle for yourself?: Now that’s a good question especially since I have so many options for hairstyles. But I would have to say braids is always the way to go for me. Sometimes having all this hair gets bothersome, so braiding always makes the struggle better and fashionable.


Daniel Montgomery ‘19- Assistant Sports Editor:

Who’s your favorite member of the Mirror staff?: I would be lying if I did not say Juliana. She just gets me.

What’s your favorite band?: Scrantonicity


Allison White ‘18- Chief Copy Editor:

What’s your favorite city?: Firenze has my heart … along with many items that I forgot to pack, sigh.

What’s your favorite section to copy edit?: That’s like asking a parent to pick who their favorite kid is!! Jk, it’s totally news … don’t let that go to your head, Juliana.


Ariana Puzzo ‘18- Online Editor-in-Chief:

Favorite “How I Met Your Mother” character?: Barney – wait for it! – Stinson.

Biggest pet peeve?: Currently my biggest pet peeve is being referred to by the leader of our country and many of his supporters as that ‘damn liberal media.’


Nicole Funaro ‘17- Online News Editor:

Who on the Mirror staff is ‘Fashionably Fairfield?’: Jesse Erickson. Not only is she our fearless leader, she is also one stylish EIC. Her style is effortless and fun and reflective of who she is as a person.

Biggest music guilty pleasure?: I really love soul music! I love classic soul and R&B singers like Mary J. Blige, but I also love newcomers who deliver a fresh take on standard sounds, like Emeli Sandé, Gallant, Leon Bridges, The Suffers and Andra Day.


Shana Lynch ‘17- Online Vine Editor


What is your favorite dessert? Tiramasu.

What is your favorite Fairfield memory? I loved study abroad because I got to visit so many places and do so many things that I’ll never have the opportunity to experience again. Plus, I met my boyfriend Jack in London. He’s from the U.K. so he brought me to all the fun places in London I wouldn’t have been able to find on my own.


Kelley Eckert ‘18- Online CB Editor


Favorite kind of salad dressing?: Ranch, hands down.

Favorite place on Fairfield’s campus?: I don’t want to sound basic and say Einstein’s because of their iced coffee, but Einstein’s because of their iced coffee.

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