Unfortunately for us Stags, spring break is winding to a close. Our week of fun, whether you headed straight to the beach or straight to the couch, has come to an end. Time to head back to campus and buckle down to finish the rest of the semester on a high note; and the following Nickelodeon duo knows exactly how we feel.

When you see your roommates and act as if you weren’t apart for a little over a week. It really felt like years.

Unpacking and realizing that you left four different things at home. Well, that’s just great. I guess I’ll survive without that textbook for a little while.

After spending the past 10 days doing absolutely nothing academic, sitting through class feels even more torturous than before.

Just to add to it all, there is suddenly snow and ice on the ground to worry about. What happened to the nice springtime weather that we were having last week?

Getting back all of the midterms that you quickly crammed for before going away and watching your GPA slowly slip away. Also, immediately regretting prioritizing packing your bathing suits over studying for history like your friends told you to.

If you didn’t go anywhere tropical, seeing all the bronzed beauties on campus evokes a little pang of both jealousy and regret.

Back to Barone. I would do anything to be back in one of the multiple restaurants that I tried last week instead of the school cafeteria.

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