My time with The Mirror has not been perfect. There have been days when I can’t wait to get into that office, and others when the pure amount of Mirror work I have on top of class and regular, college-job work is so astounding that sleep becomes a distant memory. But none of that has stopped the Mirror from becoming the closest thing to home I have at Fairfield.

I started as a contributing Vine writer two weeks after transferring to Fairfield, became assistant Vine and unofficial webmaster that same semester and executive editor the following year. All have been roles with a lot of work and very little thanks, which has resulted in dozens of people asking one, seemingly simple, question: why?

The simplest reason is that I love my job. Writing, editing, layout, organizing, searching for the truth and doing my part to help others… My roommate laughingly says that it’s what I live for. And my time in the Mirror has introduced me to or brought me closer to so many amazing people, including two of my closest non-Mirror friends, a nursing major who was my first interview and a friend who I grew closer to when she helped me with an intense investigative piece. Still, I’ve had internships doing these jobs and I’d like to believe that I would have crossed paths with those friends regardless of the Mirror. But the question remains of what in the world could have possibly brought me to continuously spend over 30 hours on the Mirror every week along with taking 6 classes every semester and holding at least two on-campus jobs?

The staff. Over the past three years, I’ve worked with some amazing people. Some of us have been together as the Tuesday jams evolved from the Jonas Brothers to “Mama Mia” and “School House Rock”. Stressing over computer collapses and last-minute article cancellations. Laughing until we’ve cried as the clock passes twelve, one, two, three…  Meeting up on non-Tuesdays because no one else on campus could ever understand the torture we put ourselves to. The Mirror staff took me to my first college party. We’ve been there for each other through college breakdowns, the stresses of adding majors, family problems and everything in between.

Others of this magnificent staff are newer, but have already left their mark, pn both the Mirror and me. In the past year alone, I’ve had the absolute pleasure of training a group of first-years, sophomores (a special shout out to my Julias) and even a duo of lovely juniors (Oh my Vine!), who I already know are going to make amazing changes, both in the Mirror office and so far beyond that I don’t know if they, or I, can even imagine. I’m going to miss the staff most of all, because their enthusiasm for the job, eagerness to learn and the amazing things they create each week have kept me eager to return to the office and terrified to think I won’t be coming back.

This is my Mirror goodbye to those fantastic staff members I’m leaving behind. I hope you all realize how immensely talented you are and never stop aiming for the stars. That you have confidence in yourself and your talent, but never be unwilling to listen and learn from each new person who enters your life. That you believe in yourself and do whatever it takes, but not at the expense of what makes you, you.

You are each going to do such amazing, wonderful things. I only wish I could see more first hand. Thank you, and until next time.

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