My good friend and roommate of four years Danny Montgomery convinced me to start writing at the Mirror during my sophomore year. I knew I had a passion for sports, but I had never written about them in high school. I was nervous at first, but soon found out that there was nothing to be nervous about at all. Getting to interview coaches, interact with players and make connections with the athletics staff is something I am forever grateful for. I’d like to think my abroad articles were some of my best work and I know some of my pals would agree. If only I was able to write about my spectacular time spent in Ireland with Brooke, Osully and company. Now that would have been a great read!

I am lucky to have made some amazing friends because of the Mirror. Receiving many many emails about not turning in my stories on time from former Editor-in-chief Jesse Erickson made me realize the importance of deadlines and I thank her for that. I will never forget the days spent in the office with Getz and Dan. If you ever walked by, you probably spotted us through those glass walls doing some stupid stuff. I wish the next wave of sports writers goodluck and I hope they make the 4×5 questions as interesting as we did. Ciao ciao Mirror!

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