There is less than a month left until I graduate and am forced to leave my home-away-from-home. I could pretend that I’m not crying about it, but that would just be unrealistic. Fairfield, the school and town itself, have become part of my heart and soul. I have loved every single minute that I have spent here, both the good and the bad. For my final post at The Mirror, I am going to leave you all with some final advice. Reflecting on my past four years as an undergraduate, here are a few things that I wish I knew as I was starting my time at Fairfield. It was a fun ride sharing this little corner of the Internet with you fellow Stag readers.

First and foremost, college does fly by. I cannot tell you the amount of people that told me that, and I didn’t listen to even a single one of them. Now, here I am, a blink of the eye later, counting down the minutes until graduation.

It’s OK to be uneasy at first. Confession: I really didn’t love Fairfield when I first moved in. I had an amazing first-year roommate, and made a few good friends within the first week, but I was homesick. College is a big adjustment, so don’t flip if you don’t fall in love with it right away. It takes some time to get into a groove and find your people, so don’t give up right away.

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Whether it’s leaving your door open in your first-year dorm or applying for an internship you don’t have a chance of getting; take a risk. By stepping out of your comfort zone, you will be amazed at what can happen.

Sometimes, choosing the less responsible option is better. Emphasis on sometimes. College is the time that you totally can pick going to the bar over cramming for an exam every once in a while.

Do the cheesy stuff. Ride the Stag, go to Pres Ball, attend Red Sea Madness, look for your Stagmate; do it all.

These are seriously your friends for life. The people that you choose to spend your time with here at Fairfield are different; they are not based on school zoning or sports or who your parents want you to hang out with. These are the people that you choose based on your interests and true personalities. You grow so much in college that those who are beside you will have seen it all. They’re the ones that will stay out until dawn with you to let loose and they’re the ones who will have seen you at your lowest of lows. They choose to love you despite it all and they’ll stick around for a while.

Be selfish. This time in your life is exactly the time to think of yourself. Rid your life of toxic people and choose to do what you want to without feeling guilty. Pick a major that you’re passionate about, join clubs that you find interesting, stop saying sorry for everything and be your own No. 1 fan.

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