It’s your fourth year as a Stag, can you believe it? It felt like just yesterday that you were moving into your freshman dorm in the Quad and saying goodbye to your parents for “college life.” Besides senioritis, there are a few other signs that you’re in your last year at Fairfield.

You’ve never understood the true definition of willpower until you’ve had to pull yourself off of the beach to go to class on campus.

You’re a pro at syllabus week. You can easily go out for seven nights in a row, and not be phased (OK, well maybe a little bit).

Sundays don’t seem as scary anymore.

You’re newly a “yes” man. You rethink every plan you’re about to turn down because it’s senior year.

You’re obviously stressing about the real world already. How does everyone seem to have a full-time job lined up?

Every day there is a new senior activity to attend, and you’re trying to do them all.

You avoid looking at your bank account. Thanks to utility bills, food shopping and $2 Tuesdays, all of your money seems to be draining.

You feel especially territorial when you see students from Sacred Heart University around town or in the Grape. Being in your fourth year, you take immense pride in being a Stag.

You’re oddly curious about The Tully. Although you swore you’d never eat Barone food again, it’s hard to resist wanting to check out the new dining hall.

You see freshmen walking around campus with their lanyards and you’re insanely jealous. What you wouldn’t do to be able to rewind.

Enjoy every minute, Stags!

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