Jenn Anderson was the Editor-in-Chief for The Fairfield Mirror in 1997. Now, 16 years later, she is the vice-president of marketing and communications at Fairfield University.

Q: What was your major/ minor?

A:English & Religious Studies

Q: Where did you live all four years?

A: Claver, Campion, Road House (doesn’t exist now after [Hurricane] Sandy), The Girls Dupe

Q:What were all of your roles on The Mirror?

A:Writer/Assistant Editor/News Editor/Editor in Chief

Q: What was your favorite story you wrote?

A: The National Collegiate Athletic Association appearance that year. It was sports, but it also meant so much for school spirit. The vibe on campus was contagious.

Q: As EIC, what was the most scandalous piece you published?

A: There isn’t one scandalous piece that stands out, but the most contentious stories always seemed to revolve around the beach and makes me realize we have really come a long way in partnering with the town. Both the students and the residents now seem to have much more mutual respect for each other and through the hard work of the students, the University and the town police, it’s much improved from 20 years ago.

Q: What was the worst thing to happen to you as EIC? What was the best?

A: The best was being ‘in the know’ of so much across campus, you really get to have your finger on the pulse. I can’t recall anything that could classify the ‘worst’ except for the fact we were holed up in a room in Gonzaga as our editorial room, right next to a deli that was open until 2 a.m. So we always had some interesting visitors.

Q: What is your Favorite Fairfield memory?

A: There are so many. 20 years later and my friends and I still reminisce about the small stories and adventures we had that just keep us laughing throughout the years. Fairfield is a special place. Each year you think “this was an amazing year, could it get better?” and it does.

Q: Since you graduated, how has Fairfield changed? How does it feel to be back?

A: Coming back to work at Fairfield was such a special opportunity. My husband and I are both alums, undergraduate and graduate and my husband’s father and sister went here. After spending 16 years in the corporate world, being able to come back to your alma mater and run a division in a field of study you are so passionate about is such a blessing. I love walking around campus and seeing the students experiencing the same wonderful things I did. And now, there are new state of the art buildings and a wide range of services available for students, as well as all of the clubs and service trips, you realize that students have so much at their fingertips to experience. The cultural depth of what students can take advantage of is incredible. And even with all of this, that special feeling you get here at Fairfield remains. Fairfield is truly a great place.

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