Now that it’s October, we think it’s time that we tell you a few things we’ve been keeping on the down-low:

  1. The Coffee Break Team has bewitched every 12th page of the Mirror (where Coffee Break lives) to curse the individual reading it if that individual is not drinking coffee. When we say Coffee Break, we mean it.
  2. When we say Coffee Break, we mean the French Vanilla Cappuccino from the Tully.
  3. While the Coffee Break Team is not certified by the Society of Astrologists to provide horoscopes, we do know enough about astrology to prefer certain signs over others. We even have signs that we dislike… (sorry Scorpio. And Pisces. There’s just something about water signs.)
  4. Also, the Society of Astrologists isn’t a thing. We made it up.
  5. We believe the entrance closest to the first-floor lounge of Campion Hall to have been haunted by the ghost of Saint Edmund Campion himself, and he refused to let anyone in for nearly two months. Thankfully, Maintenance (or are they the Ghostbusters?) have finally fixed the problem.
  6. The same cannot be said for the door to the Mirror Office. You’re lucky we can even produce this paper every week.

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