Whether you’re rooting for the Atlanta Falcons or the New England Patriots, Super Bowl Sunday is an exciting day for all football fans. The should-be national holiday brings together both friends and foes to enjoy some good eats and the Dunphy and Pritchett family love it just as much as we do.

It’s finally here. Barone is full of jerseys from Tom Brady to Matt Ryan. Buckle up for a day full of friends, food and football. Cheers!

Time for preparations. Thinking about the amount of cooking and eating you’re about to do is exciting and stressful at the same time.

No matter if you’re a sports fan or not, you sit and watch every minute. Especially for the iconic commercials.

Trying to ease the tension between your roommate from Boston and your roommate from Atlanta.

Wings are ready. The dash from the couch to the kitchen to ensure that you get some resembles scenes from The Hunger Games.

When neither of the teams playing are your favorite so you’re really more invested in the halftime show.

Keeping your cool even when none of the game calls are going your way. What is wrong with the referees?

There are two minutes left in the quarter and the score is currently your pool numbers. So much anxiety as you hope that there isn’t any further scoring so you win the prize money.

Exercising insane willpower as you bop around from house to house. The food spreads at each of your friends’ places are so enticing that it’s difficult to say no to a third plate of mini hot dogs.

Trying not to be petty and aggressively root against your team’s rival. You’re internally screaming about how they’re overrated anyway.

Now the game is over and you’ve just realized that you neglected basically all of your homework that’s due tomorrow.

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