The worst part about summer, despite no classes or homework, is being away from Stag Country. Not only are you away from your friends for a whole four months, but also everything that Fairfield, the town and University has to offer. Here’s a countdown of the places that we miss the most (and yes, most of them revolve around food).

9. The Stag. Salads and wraps from the Stag are underrated until you can’t have them anymore.

8. The Townhouses. Who doesn’t miss a nice townhouse party?

7. Colony Grill. They do pizza the right way. No matter where you are from in the country, everyone can agree that the thin-crust pizza that Colony serves is delectable.

6. Hole in the Wall. Every Fairfield student knows just how much a breakfast sandwich from Hole in the Wall can cure every hangover.

5. Flipside Burgers & Bar. Not only do we miss the delicious food that Flipside serves, but also their happy hour deals that are hard to beat.

4. The RecPlex. We take for granted the free gym membership because as soon as you get home, you’re stuck paying $20 a month to use an elliptical machine.

3. Saugatuck Sweets. There are simply no better milkshakes anywhere.

2. The SeaGrape. This Fairfield bar is held near and dear to our hearts, making it one of the places that we miss most of all when we’re away from school. $2 Tuesdays with all of your classmates are pretty irreplaceable.

1. The beach. We can’t wait to get back to Point Days and beautiful scenery right outside our front doors.

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