Monday, February 25th

2:53p.m. – A fire was reported in the trash room of Regis 2 south. A lit cigarette thrown in the trash was the cause of the fire.

Tuesday, February 26th

2:00p.m. – A student attempted to use a stag card they found, but the card had been reported missing. The case was referred to judicial.

Friday, March 1st

4:30a.m. – A student was arrested for discharging a fire extinguisher in a Loyola 3 room. The student in the room was taken to the hospital after inhaling the chemicals.

During the evacuation police found marijuana and stolen credit cards in a room of a student who refused to leave. The case was referred to judicial.

Monday, March 11th

12:01am – A play station, controllers, power cord, and games were reported stolen in a Loyola 3 room. The case is under investigation.

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