Monday, January 14

1:12 p.m.A university tree was cut down and found on a townhouse porch. The case was referred to Judicial

Friday, January 18

1:57 a.m.An assult occurred at the Village Complex. One student involved required medical treat-ment. Fairfield police were called and the case was referred to judicial.

Saturday, January 19

12:19 a.mNarcotic Violation at the Townhouses. The case was referred to Judicial.

9:27 a.m.Vandalism was done to university property at the Village Complex.

Sunday, January 20

2:49 a.m.A student threw a snowball from a car threw at a security vehicle. When the car was pulled over, the passengers were found violating university narcotic rules. The case was referred to judicial.

Monday, January 21

2:17 p.m.A keg was reported stolen from a car parked at the Townhouses. It was later found empty in the Quad area.

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