Health and humanitarian action encompass the ideals of Chloe Riven ‘20, who will be participating in the 2019 New York City Half Marathon in support of the American Cancer Society. Riven has exceeded her $1,000 goal, which she made hoping that her participation in the 13.1 mile race on March 17 would bring awareness to the public about people and families who battle cancer everyday.

On campus, Riven strives to make a difference in not only the Fairfield University community, but in the world around her. She’s a tour ambassador for the Office of Admissions, as well as a musician for the University’s Symphony Orchestra. As a health communications major with a health studies minor, and a member of the Ignatian Residential College, Riven combines her passion for wellness with her passion for service. She does this by acting as the secretary of the Collegiate Health Service Corps and a member of the Jesuit University Humanitarian Action Network. Riven is also enrolled in the University’s Peace Corps Prep Program.

Though this will be Riven’s first time running in the NYC Half Marathon for the American Cancer Society, she is no stranger to running marathons. This past October, Riven participated in the Hartford Half Marathon. Her enthusiasm for running and giving back to the community explains part of the reason why she chose to participate in the NYC Half Marathon – however, she also went on to explain in an email to The Mirror a personal connection she has to the American Cancer Society.

“I have a passion for exercising, running in particular,” said Riven. “Once I found out that the NYC Half partners with official organizations the runners could choose to run for, the American Cancer Society popped up on the list. I chose this organization in honor of my grandmother who passed away from brain cancer before I got the chance to meet her. My hope is that there will be a cure for all cancer sometime in the near future so we can all remain with our loved ones for a long time.”

Riven will be racing on Team DetermiNation, which is made up of 30 runners from all over the world. “Team DetermiNation was already pre-decided, however I love how it captures both the determined part as well as nation, meaning that runners from around the world come together to honor cancer,” said Riven.

According to an email Riven sent to The Mirror, she explained that The American Cancer Society has contributed to a 20 percent decline in cancer death rates in the United States since the early 1990s. Donations to this organization have helped them to gain the information and tools they need to find the disease early in patients (when it’s easiest to treat), provide a place for patients to turn for help 24/7 and grant them access to lifesaving screenings and treatment.

“This progress is only possible with the support of incredible people like you – ANY donation counts,” said Riven. “Thank you all for your support of me running this race as well as the many people battling cancer as we speak.”

If you would like to support Riven, you can donate money by accessing the link: The link can also be accessed through a link in her instagram bio, @chloe.riven or through a fundraising page on her Facebook: @Chloe Riven.


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