Clam Jam, an annual tradition at Fairfield that is highly anticipated by upperclassmen every spring semester, is undergoing some changes this year. However, it is still maintaining the level of anticipation typically associated with it.

Clam Jam will be held at Penfield Beach on Saturday, April 30. Juniors and seniors can buy tickets; however, freshmen and sophomores are only allowed to attend if they are taken as the guest of a junior or senior.

Senior Molly Camp, who is going to the event, said, “I didn’t go last year; I was abroad when they did the whole change of it, so I don’t really have too many expectations. But I heard it was a lot of fun last year, so I’m excited.”

One of the lead organizers of Clam Jam, Assistant Director of Residence Life and Administrator of Beach Resident Advocacy Group Pejay Lucky discussed the changes made from last year’s Clam Jam.

“We cut it down to about half the size,” said Lucky. “We brought the food and the bar closer together, we brought the stage closer to everything else and we increased the amount of people who can come.”

Another change being made is the price of tickets, which is different this year than it was in previous years. Last year tickets cost seniors $40, compared to this year’s $25, but the first 500 were free. This year the tickets cost juniors $50, which is more than last year when it cost juniors $40.

When questioned about the ticket price, Lucky explained that “last year, we didn’t break anywhere near even. This year, the event had to fund itself. Last year, the first 500 senior tickets were free, so there have been a few changes when it comes to funding.”

Both Lucky and President of BRAG Colby Stabell ‘16 have heard mostly positive feedback from students on the changes that were made.

Another change is that there will be more of an attempt to restrict the serving of alcohol only to students who are legal.

Stabell commented, “We want to keep it as a 21 plus event because alcohol is being served and it’s really hard to control underage drinking and students that are underage. For our safety and for all the students’ safety, we want to make sure that most of our students are 21 plus.”

“There are students there that are going to be underage,” continued Stabell. “There is a different wristband system and there is a different process that they have to go through just to keep everyone safe. We are taking extra precautions.”

One final change is that there will be smaller scale musical performers at Clam Jam.

Lucky said that DJ Toro, a radio DJ from 92.3 AMP Radio, who is fairly popular in the Tri-State area, according to Lucky, will be performing at the event. Along with DJ Toro, DJ Greg T, a sophomore at Fairfield, will also be performing.

DJ Toro is a smaller scale performer than last year’s musical group, Chainsmokers. However, next year, according to Lucky, if different sponsors assist BRAG with the budget, they may have another large scale performer like Chainsmokers.

Students had varying reactions to the news of a less famous performer.

“I’ve heard a lot about this DJ Greg kid, so I’m excited to hear him perform, and I think it’s cool that we got the DJ [from 92.3],” said Alli Kopp ‘16.

Senior Jacquie Moser; however, was less pleased with the announcement of DJ Greg T and DJ Toro as the performers for the event.

Moser commented, “Last year they had Chainsmokers, which I was really happy about. This year it’s people that I haven’t really heard of, so I’m a little less happy about that.”

Lucky emphasized the importance of the senior class simply all being together for one last time before graduation rather than the prestige of the entertainment.

“This event is not like a spring concert,” he said. “It is really more so for the senior class to come together and basically just enjoy and socialize for one of the last big times they will be able to. It’s about the seniors, not necessarily about the performer.”

“The Chainsmokers were on one side,” Lucky continued, “and some people said they didn’t even walk over.”

According to Stabell, “Chainsmokers was too much of an artist to bring in for our first year. I think we need to work toward having larger artists, or we need to reconsider who should really be at Clam Jam and what the primary purpose of the event is.”

The event will be on the April 30 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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