Fairfield University is always evolving and changing. Unfortunately, that means students have become all too familiar with the sounds of heavy machinery erecting some great new structure on campus. With so much in the works, it is important for students to stay up to date with these projects.

According to David Frassinelli, the vice president of facilities management, all projects are on track for their respective completion dates. These projects include the new dorm in the Quad, the new Dolan School of Business and an air conditioning unit for McCormick and Campion halls.

Frassinelli stated that the dorm is well on its way to its June completion. The furniture is scheduled to arrive during July and August, and after that the building will be ready for its fall semester occupants.

Frassinelli also commented on the status of the new school of business, “Blasting is over and they are beginning to pour the foundations. In July, you will start to see the steel go up.”  While juniors and seniors currently enrolled at Fairfield will unfortunately not be able to utilize the new building, the project’s fall 2019 completion date ensures that first-years and sophomores will.

As for air conditioning, a highly requested amenity here on campus, the new unit is expected to be up and running by September of this year. This unit will be providing air conditioning to the new dorm in the quad, as well as McCormick and Campion Halls.

Frassinelli also stated that Townhouses 14 and 15 will be undergoing renovations over the summer. These two houses will be receiving new exteriors.

It is an exciting time for Fairfield with all of these new buildings nearing completion. Construction will continue all throughout the summer to ensure that all projects meet their desired completion dates.


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