Fairfield University’s Counseling & Psychological Services recently relocated to the newly constructed Wellness Center adjacent to Jogues Hall. 

C&PS hopes that with their relocation, they can bring students an abundance of new services. 

As mental health awareness continues to grow increasingly prevalent on college campuses, this move has been the cause for a great deal of excitement for the counseling staff. 

Associate Vice President of Health & Wellness and Director of Counseling & Psychological Services Susan Birge states, “It’s been wonderful, we feel like we’re part of the community now and the students just are so pleased to be able to just take a walk a short walk and come into a really new facility with a nice waiting area at all brand new offices.” 

According to C&PS, the impact is already noticeable — with many students coming to use the new facility due to the increased accessibility. 

“The main thing is accessibility for our students who want to ask for help, which is really healthy if you’re having a tough time,” says Birge.

Birge continued by saying that 16% of Fairfield University students utilize counseling services, which is higher than the national average of 10-12%.

Counseling & Psychological Services prioritizes their ability to deliver effective mental healthcare while also maintaining the safety of the student body. 

This semester, the office has made strategic and intentional efforts to offer services that can accommodate all community members. 

The office offers in-person appointments as well as telehealthcare ones. Additionally, Birge highlights the psychiatric services that are available. 

“Sometimes an individual is going through some depression or anxiety and while we do some really good therapy, they still might be able to benefit from medication,” Birge said. 

Apart from treatment options, C&PS aims to take their initiatives to the larger campus community. This includes programs, training, weekly yoga, workshops centered around dealing with COVID-19-related stress, and collaborations with clubs and other departments. 

Birge explained that a lot of time is spent working with teams, coaches, and student-athletes in terms of their mental health and their wellness.

The services offered are at no cost to students. 

“Any emotional stress, any mental health issues — we encourage students to utilize our services as there are no costs involved at all,” Birge said. “Our services are confidential, so students may utilize the services right on campus with a really excellent location.”


Students interested in talking to someone at Counseling & Psychological Services can call at (203) 254-4000 extension 2146 or email counseling@fairfield.edu to set up an initial consultation. 

If you have a psychological emergency or crisis, please call the Department of Public Safety at (203) 254-4090 or Counseling & Psychological Services at x2146 to speak to a counselor who is on call 24/7.


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