As students, we are privileged to be members of a university community through which a plethora of resources are readily available to us. As academics have shifted to online platforms and we navigate unfamiliar territory during this pandemic, we may forget that these resources are still there. During this time, many of us will share in the experience of confusion and stress due to the current circumstances.

Whether it be the anxiety of COVID-19, the health of family members or the financial insecurity of your family, these issues can be overwhelming, but Counseling & Psychological Services are here to offer support and coping strategies.

Dr. Mark Celano, assistant director C&PS, stated how this time marks a dramatic shift in learning, but also in students’ lives.

With the reality of this situation setting in, “many students are struggling to adjust to online learning and to the end of a spring semester that no one anticipated,” read a statement from Counseling & Psychological Services. 

They have also acknowledged that it is a particularly difficult time for the senior class.

“Our Fairfield seniors are grieving the end of their college careers and friends they never had the chance to say goodbye to,” C&PS said. 

As we endure these struggles and confide in one another, it is still always a beneficial option to speak with a professional.  

Since March 17, C&PS have been offering 30 minute TeleHealth appointments for full-time undergraduate students, and will continue to do so through finals week of the Spring 2020 semester. Graduate students are similarly eligible for a one-time telehealth appointment for a brief assessment and referral resources. Both students who have previously used C&PS in-person and students new to C&PS are welcomed to schedule a meeting with a counselor.

For those unfamiliar with TeleHealth, it refers to the use of telecommunications technology to allow people to meet with their medical providers over a distance. This has become necessary for many people during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

One of the greatest benefits regarding TeleHealth appointments at C&PS is that they are goal-focused. This means that they are designed to meet the needs of students no matter where they are physically located within the United States. Students also do not need to be concerned with privacy as all sessions are completely confidential and are conducted on a HIPAA- compatible video platform to ensure safety and privacy. 

Fairfield’s C&PS have made it incredibly convenient to schedule a meeting. Students can simply email and schedule an appointment anytime Monday-Friday, 8:30a.m.-4:30p.m. EST.

While our home environments away from campus may differ, we are united as students of the same university community, and Counseling & Psychological Services is here to help.

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