Wednesday, 9/27

7:50 p.m.- A stray soccer ball from the women’s soccer game on Lessing Field struck a vehicle in the Campion parking lot and damaged its windshield. The owner of the vehicle was located and notified.


Friday, 9/29

11:17 a.m.- Staff in the President’s office at Bellarmine Hall reported an unwanted guest in their office. The person was located, identified and left campus without incident.

8:10 p.m.- A male student in 47 Mahan Road reported his hockey bag that he left outside of his room was stolen from the hallway. Officers located the bag in the dumpster outside the building. Someone had gone through the bag, but all its of its contents were recovered. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact DPS.

8:56 p.m.- Eleven underage students were documented for possessing alcohol while walking up to the Presidential Ball.

10:15 p.m.- A male non-student was arrested for interfering with an officer and disorderly conduct after he attempted to climb the pole in the center of the tent at Pres Ball.


Saturday, 9/30

9:22 p.m.- A male student was observed running naked on Leeber Rd. The male was located in his townhouse. The student was intoxicated, so he was documented and released on his own recognizance.


Sunday, 10/1

1:45 a.m.- DPS responded to a roommate dispute in Kostka Hall. Two female students had an argument and the area coordinator provided one of them with a separate room for the night.

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