Friday, 2/10

5:20 p.m.- A young lady reported the theft of a necklace from an envelope in the mailroom. The necklace is valued at $35.

Saturday, 2/11

12:36 a.m.- A young man was found walking around near the Townhouse 12 block with a bottle of vodka. He was referred to student conduct.

12:42 a.m.- A young lady was found by Townhouse 3 block in possession of beer. She was referred to student conduct.

3:10 a.m.- DPS responded to a report of two suspicious males on Mahan Road who were found to be unregistered guests of a student. The guests fought with officers and refused to cooperate and identify themselves. DPS determined that they had gone through at least one apartment and took items that didn’t belong to them. The matter is under investigation by the Detective Bureau. The student involved is being referred to student conduct. The two non-students are still under investigation.

9:16 p.m.- DPS went into a student’s room in Jogues Hall and found two bottles of vodka and several cans of beer. The students were referred to student conduct.

Sunday, 2/12

12:46 a.m.- Three individuals were found in possession of Bud Light. Of the three students, one was a student and two were non-students. The student is being referred to student conduct for violations.

8:05 p.m.- DPS found fire exits signs that were vandalized in Jogues Hall. The officers were able to identify a young man responsible for the damage. He was referred to student conduct for the damage.

Tuesday, 2/14

12:58 a.m.- DPS officers discovered the strong odor of marijuana in a car that was entering campus. The driver was a non-student, whose brother is a student. DPS found a safe ride for the non-student to get home and he is banned from campus. The student has been referred to student conduct.

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