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10:52 a.m

A faculty member reported that a university laptop was stolen from a vehicle while in Canada. The Fairfield Police Department has been notified and the situation is currently under investigation. 


2:33 p.m

A staff member was trapped in the Charles F. Dolan School of Business’ east elevator. The individual was freed and a service call was made for repairs.



1:05 a.m

A group of individuals ran from Public Safety officers and hopped a fence towards College Park Drive. The individuals were identified and referred to student conduct.  



12:04 a.m

A student at The Levee handed a Public Safety officer a fake I.D. The I.D was confiscated and the individual was referred to student conduct.


1:10 a.m

A student was reported driving under the influence. Public Safety parked the vehicle and drove the operator back to their residence hall and they were referred to student conduct. 



12:01 a.m

A student was documented for disorderly conduct while at the checkpoint and they were referred to student conduct. 



8:39 a.m

A burglary in Donnarumma Hall was reported. A laptop was stolen from a faculty office suite. The Fairfield Police department was notified and the situation is under investigation. Public Safety reminds students to secure all valuables and always report suspicious persons or activity to DPS. 


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