There’s only one time on campus where you can find Brazilian music, authentic Asian dumplings, fried plantains and spicy hummus all in the same room. All of these things and more could be found at Fairfield University’s second annual Culture Fair.

From the moment you step into the lower level of the Barone Campus Center, you can feel the energy radiating throughout the room. People dancing to reggae one minute and then authentic Latino music the next. Nothing quite describes a culture like its music and the mix of the colorful poster boards for each club, paired with the cultural music from the speakers truly immersed those who attended in a variety of other cultures.

The food at the Culture Fair is always a highlight, of course. A barrage of scents from every club’s cuisine fills the nostrils, whether it’s arroz con frijoles or dried figs, a large variety truly provides something for everyone.

Nothing brings people together quite like food. “This year is my first time here, the food caught my eye but I ended up loving the energy,” said Antonio Myers ’19.

While the food is certainly not to be overlooked, one can also appreciate the diversity and cultural awareness that the fair brings to Fairfield’s campus.

Senior Asha Perry, the co-president for Remixx, commented, “It often seems that these clubs get overlooked at the Activities Fair; events like this one allow our organizations to be seen. It’s our turn for the spotlight tonight.”

 Events like the Cultural Fair give these clubs a voice. Set up in a prime location in the LLBCC, it’s easy for students to stop by the Culture Fair on their way through the campus center and hopefully leave with a bit of knowledge that they lacked when coming in.

The Culture Fair provides students with the opportunity to partake in activities that they may not have the opportunity to participate in anywhere else on campus. According to Assistant Director of the Office of Student Diversity and Multicultural Affairs Carrie Robinson, as well as the event coordinator for the fair this year, it is important to celebrate our diversity as a campus and embrace the multitude of cultures of Fairfield students.

“Here at Fairfield we have a rich tradition of celebrating diversity, and the Culture Fair is just one example of showcasing the variety of cultures, languages and beliefs we have among us here at Fairfield,” said Robinson.

Fairfield University has always prioritized providing the best education for its students. However,  creating a well-rounded individual goes beyond just classroom learning. A trip to the Culture Fair can prove to be valuable as well as educational in more ways than one, teaching students how different people all over the world may be different, but are all still connected.

This is an event that has the opportunity to connect people and provide them with a unique chance to connect with cultures all around the world, right here at Fairfield University.

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