Campus Pride took place on Sunday, April 14, for students and faculty of the LGBTQ+ community and their allies. Even though designated ‘Pride Month’ is still a month and a half away, Campus Pride allows students to express themselves fully while still on campus before returning home for the summer.

Junior Rishi Black spoke about their Campus Pride experience, stating “I think it’s important to have events like Campus Pride, and the upcoming Drag Bingo because it embodies the spirit of radical hospitality, showing that everyone has a home on this campus.” 

Black continues, “Being queer can sometimes be a lonely and difficult journey, but events such as Campus Pride celebrate the resilience and beauty of the community all while creating a fun and engaging environment.” 

Campus pride was not only there for LGBTQ+ students but was there to educate allies on what LGBTQ+ students on campus could be going through. Some of these topics included feeling discriminated against, feeling as if they have no community support, and being lonely in general. There were free books that students could take to learn about LGBTQ+ people’s journeys while navigating a society transitioning to the acceptance of the ‘Love is Love’ motto. 

Junior Nicolas Garofalo, President of the Gender and Sexuality Alliance club, states, “I think it’s so important to have pride on campus, just to promote all of the queer students here at Fairfield, and really represent how there is a community here and that we are in support – we’re here for them. We are all about inclusivity, and representation and were happy to be here today.” 

Much like Black said, Garofalo speaks about how important it is to know everyone has their community here on campus, and they will welcome you with open arms. Another part of the community students have access to is the Triangle Community Center, Fairfield County’s LGBTQ+ Community center, where they offer programming, events and counseling. 

Elena Sicconi, the Development and Communications Coordinator for the TCC, says that there is much more to the Center than just LGBTQ+-related activities. 

“There is movie nights and community dinners, and I have said community a lot but that’s what it’s really about. It’s about having a safe space” Sicconi explained. 

Triangle Community Center is holding Pride in the Park on June 8 at Veterans Park In Norwalk.  More LGBTQ+ friendly events will be happening on campus before the end of the semester. FUSA’s Fabulosity Night of Drag will be on April 26 and is a part of FUSA’s Celebration of Unity which includes other events such at the Black Stags Matter walk set to occur on April 17. Lavender Graduation, “a ceremony for LGBTQIA+ and Ally students to acknowledge their achievements, contributions, and unique experiences at Fairfield University” will happen on April 30.

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