As rave culture becomes more popular every day, the dangers of party drugs continue to become an increasing concern.

Last Labor Day marked the fifth annual Electronic Zoo Dance Musical Festival, held on Randall’s Island.  Electronic Zoo is a festival that hosts Electronic Dance Music artists such as Diplo and Zedd.

In the past, The event has been very successful but this year it suddenly took a turn for the worst when two attendees died from an overdose of MDMA. The last day of the event was shut down on the recommendation of the New York Police Department.

Despite these concerns , Fairfield will be hosting an EDM artist for the upcoming fall concert. Last Thursday, FUSA announced the Bingo Players would be performing for this year’s fall concert.

Since EDM music is becoming more associated with party drugs, especially MDMA or “Molly,” some said they are fearful that bringing this culture to Fairfield can be dangerous. The Department of Public Safety said they will be taking extra precautions to keep the student body safe.

Associate Director of Public Safety Frank Ficko said, “The number one priority of the Department of Public Safety is to keep all of the students safe. An important thing for students to always keep in mind — and this is the case regardless of what the event is — is that any drug, but particularly in the case of Molly, is deceptively and exceedingly dangerous.”

Although MDMA is seen as extremely dangerous in any situation, its effects are an even larger concern in rave-type settings. MDMA is a form of ecstasy that falls under the category of a stimulant. Stimulants arouse the nervous system.

According to Professor of biology Dr. Glenn Sauer, this drug has extremely harmful effects, both short-term and long-term.

“When used in these situations, side effects include elevated heart rate, increased blood pressure, dehydration, nausea and high body temperature. In some instances convulsions or heart failures can result,” Sauer said.

But the long-term effects are even worse.

“Repeated use can permanently damage the cells which produce serotonin and interfere with memory and higher order mental activity,” Sauer added.

Although the side effects are alarming, Fairfield is ready to ensure safety for the entire student body, and students are looking forward to the concert.

“I’m excited for the concert because I’ve enjoyed the ones in the past,” said Tatianna Trujillo ‘16, “but Molly can be a problem because college kids are more eager to try different things and EDM is popular at Fairfield.”

Most students said they are excited and do not think that drugs will be a problem at Fairfield because they will not be the ones to experiment with the drugs themselves.

According to Ficko, there will be a strong DPS and police presence, and violations of state and federal law will be dealt with accordingly.

The Bingo Players are set to perform on Oct. 19. Tickets are $25.

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