Fairfield University will be hosting its first annual dance charity, Stagathon, on April 21, from 4 to 10 p.m, in order to raise money for children’s medical care in a fun and engaging way.
This is the University’s own Children’s Miracle Network Dance Marathon, a program designed to raise funds for medical care for kids all across North America. In the case of the For the Kids Organization, all the proceeds of the program will go to the Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital right here in Fairfield County.

The For the Kids Organization has a year-long fundraiser that results in an end of the year event, happening on April 20 from 6 to 10 p.m., where “participants fundraise and stand for the kids who can’t,” according to Lillian Cribbin ‘20, Executive Director of Stagathon.

Many millions of dollars are raised at similar fundraisers across the U.S., which are all used to help improve the quality of medical care in hospitals for children from every corner of the country, Cribbin said.

Cribbin, in speaking about the aim of the For the Kids organization, stated, “our goal is to raise $10,000 this year and to get as many people on campus registered as we can. This is an event that truly changes the lives of everyone involved. While it obviously impacts the kids and their families, Dance Marathons unite people like nothing I have ever experienced before.”

Cribbin added that in the case of Fairfield, the proceeds toward Maria Fareri Hospital will assist them in providing the best medical care by using the funds toward enhanced medical supplies, state-of-the-art research and the best medical professionals out there.

As for why they are hosting the event, Cribbin stated, “This is a day for the kids to be kids. These miracle children have all been through some type of medical challenge, usually very close to fatal experiences, so this is a day for them to forget the doctors and hospitals and just have fun.“

As Cribbin got involved with the organization here at Fairfield, she noted that, “I went to The University of Oklahoma last year and transferred to FU this fall. While at OU, I was on the executive team of ‘Soonerthon’ (The University of Oklahoma’s event) Dance Marathon.” She added that while the school wasn’t for her, ‘Soonerthon’ changed her life.

She further added that when she came to Fairfield, she had noticed the philanthropic nature of the University right away, hence, she felt the need for a dance marathon here as well. She contacted the Children’s Miracle Network and went through the process of making Fairfield a part of this network and as of now, her team consists of 11 executives, with the number of participants increasing every day, as she stated.

Lastly, Cribbin added that, “These kids look forward to Dance Marathon every year and the parents are so grateful for the support we provide. By helping the Fairfield County hospital, the Fairfield County families can get the medical attention they need at home rather than traveling across America to find treatment and care.”

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