Every year, college students, prospective students and their parents anxiously await the U.S. News & World Report rankings to see where their school or soon-to-be school will rank on the year’s list of top colleges in various different categories. While the list was initially meant to advertise the nation’s top universities to students and their parents in the college search process, according to their website, there comes a certain pride as a college student with seeing one’s school toward the top of the different U.S. New & World Report lists each year.

Fairfield University was featured at the top of several lists in this year’s edition. First and foremost, the University ranked in as third for Regional Universities in the North, following Providence College, ranked No. 1 and Bentley University, ranked No. 2. According to their website, in the past, Providence College and Fairfield have tied for second place after Villanova University, but this year, Providence College was able to pull ahead of Fairfield.

Aside from ranking well among regional universities in the North, Fairfield is the only master’s degree-granting institution in Connecticut within the Northern Region category to make the Top 10.

According to a Fairfield University press release, the region which Fairfield is ranked year after year includes any schools from Maryland up to Maine, putting the University in a competitive field of schools.

Aside from the overall rankings, some of the University’s various programs also ranked on the U.S. News & World Report rankings this year. After the University announced its plans to renovate the Dolan School of Business by Fall 2019, the DSB ranked on the national list once again for “Best Undergraduate Business Programs,” according to the press release. Further, the undergraduate teaching program at Fairfield ranked third in the Northern Region based on faculty who have a strong commitment to undergraduate teaching. Finally, the University’s Service Learning Program was ranked among the best in the nation for demonstrated excellence.

President Mark R. Nemec, PhD commented on Fairfield’s performance in this year’s rankings, saying these rankings “are a reflection of the quality of our faculty, staff, and students, both in the learning environment we create here on campus, as well as the amazing achievements of our alumni. As Fairfield continues to rise as the modern Jesuit institution, we do so with the confidence that a Fairfield education leads to globally and civically minded individuals who produce strong outcomes after graduation.”

Fairfield’s placement on the U.S. News & World Report lists follows several accolades for the University, including the New York Times’ list of the top schools in the nation to achieve the American Dream and The Princeton Review named Fairfield among the top 15 percent of all schools in the country.

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