A New England staple is coming to Fairfield University’s campus. During the Dec. 12 Campus Sustainability Committee meeting, it was announced and discussed that Dunkin’ Donuts is set to become a part of campus by Fall 2019.

Environmental studies major Julia Nojeim ‘19 attended the meeting and explained, “At the beginning of this month’s meeting it was brought up as a fact by David Frassinelli and Jim Fitzpatrick that two Dunkin’ Donuts would be on campus, coming in later 2019.”

David Frassinelli, vice president for facilities, did not respond to The Mirror’s request for comment.

Jim Fitzpatrick ‘70, assistant vice president for administration and student affairs, confirmed that a Dunkin’ Donuts will be included in the new Dolan School of Business, which is set to open in Fall 2019.

“[We’re] working on Library Café [Weil Café] and Barone lobby [Einstein Bros Bagels] now with discussions still on-going; hope to have a decision by spring break 2019,” elaborated Fitzpatrick in regard to where the second Dunkin’ Donuts will be located.

Fitzpatrick explained that this decision was made because “Dunkin’ has a good working relationship with Sodexo.” The University’s official food services provider is Sodexo.

The Mirror staff took to campus, asking students how they feel about bringing Dunkin’ Donuts to campus.

“Well, I’m jealous because I’m a senior and I love Dunkin’ Donuts. I like Einsteins, but I like Dunkin’ Donuts better than Starbucks,” said Maribeth Mason ‘19. “It’s mostly like a New England thing and a lot of people are from New England here.”

Fellow senior, Joleen Roberti ‘19 agreed. “I would be excited about it because Dunkin’ is my preferred place of getting coffee.”

When asked if students would be more inclined to eat breakfast on campus rather than in town with this switch, Roberti stated, “I think that might be the case because a lot of people leave to get Dunkin’ instead of what we have here.”

Underclassmen expressed their excitement for this addition as well.

“I’m a huge Dunkin’ fan. I almost didn’t come to Fairfield because they didn’t have a Dunkin’,” said Marykate O’Malley ‘21. “But good thing I came because now they’re getting one.”

Sophomore Isabel Gardiner shared an alternative opinion. “I like Starbucks personally, so I want to keep that. But I think it’s good that they’re getting it [Dunkin’ Donuts] in the new Business School.”

Overall there was positive feedback from the student body about the new addition of Dunkin’ Donuts.

“As a former Dunkin’ employee I would love having Dunkin’ here. I don’t really think Einstein’s is the best option on campus, and I would really appreciate Dunkin’,” said Meghan Antonetti ‘21.

“I would be ecstatic if they got rid of Einstein’s and switched it out for Dunkin’,” Elisa DiLuca ‘21. “I would like it if they left the Starbucks, but it’s fine if they don’t. I’m just ecstatic to hear this news, truly – go Dunkin’!”


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