On Wednesday, Jan. 15 five Fairfield University students were arrested on conspiracy to commit criminal mischief charges after being accused of smashing mailboxes in the area, according to the Jan. 16 issue of the Connecticut Post.

Juniors John Kelleher, Timothy Sheehan and Shawn Schuerlein, along with sophomores Matthew Shea and Katharine Tully, were accused of smashing nine mailboxes with a baseball bat on Osborne Hill Road, Hersh Road, Lawrence Road, Limerick Road, Shadow Wood Road and Carroll Road.

The students were arrested early Wednesday after University Security pulled over the car, driven by Sheehan, which matched a description broadcast by area police.

Our role in that incident was simply to aid the Fairfield Police Department,” Associate Director of Security Frank Ficko said. “They gave us a description of the vehicle and based on that, we were able to find the students involved.”

According to the Fairfield University security department, alcohol was not a contributing factor in the incident.

Kelleher, Shea and Schuerlein were also charged with nine counts of third degree criminal mischief. Security was unable to disclose to what those additional nine counts were related.

I don’t think the students realize the seriousness of this,” said Security Officer Karen Kwoka. “Mailbox vandalism is a serious offense.”

Mail delivery is governed by federal law.

According to the law, destroying, stealing or vandalizing a mailbox is a federal offense punishable by a fine or up to three years in prison.

According to police, each of the damaged mailboxes was valued at $75.

The Student Handbook indicates that the university holds the right to discipline those involved in vandalism or other criminal activities on or off campus.

According to security, the university will most likely seek disciplinary action.

The students were released after signing a written promise to appear in court. They will be seen in Bridgeport Superior Court on Jan. 27.

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