Campion Hall


Pros Cons
  • Proximity – Campion’s proximity to Lessing Field (where the men’s and women’s soccer teams play) makes it easy and convenient for students to attend the games and even watch from their room.
  • The elevators – It sounds strange that this could be considered a pro, but as far as residence hall building elevators go, Campion’s aren’t creaky, are fairly spacious and allow for a smooth (and safe) ride.
  • The bathrooms – Space for showering becomes an issue in Campion. Students are only allowed a tiny square of space, with a curtain as the only thing separating them from the rest of the bathroom.
  • Location – Since Campion is located right near Lessing Field, on nights where soccer games are being played, it may get noisy, something that can be annoying while trying to get to sleep.


Gonzaga Hall


Pros Cons
  • Size – The rooms in Gonzaga are the biggest of all the freshmen residence halls on campus, making for a much more spacious living area.
  • Location – Gonzaga is the closest freshmen residence hall to the Barone Campus Center, as well as all the academic buildings, giving it the most convenient location.
  • Location – Since Gonzaga is located so close to central parts of campus, there’s a lot more foot traffic, which can be especially annoying for people who live on the ground or first floors.
  • Housing – Gonzaga tends to house not only freshmen, but sophomores as well, which means freshmen are living right near people who are at a different stage in the college experience; something some may find intimidating.


Jogues Hall

Pros Cons
  • The bathrooms – Of all the freshmen residence halls at Fairfield, Jogues has arguably the best bathrooms. Jogues residents have more space to shower, as well as more privacy.
  • The lounges – There’s a spacious lounge on each floor of Jogues — perfect for studying or just hanging out with friends. Plus, there’s a kitchen in at least one of the lounges for whenever you get sick of Barone food.
  • The rooms – Despite the bathrooms being more spacious, the rooms in Jogues are slightly smaller than the other freshmen residence halls.
  • Location – Jogues is less centrally located than the other freshmen residence halls, the other ones located in the quad, and it is the furthest from all the academic buildings and the campus center.


Regis Hall


Pros Cons
  • Size – Regis is the biggest freshmen residence hall on campus, something that many people may see as a positive because it allows students the ability to meet more fellow freshmen when they get to Fairfield.
  • The lounges – Regis is home to the biggest freshmen lounge on campus, which gives students living there a spacious place to entertain, as well as a kitchen to cook in.
  • The elevator – Unlike Campion’s, Regis’s elevator is very slow and creaky. It’ll get you from point A to B, but it won’t be the most peaceful ride.
  • Size – Some may find it overwhelming to be around that many people and may fear getting lost in the mix.


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