The Fairfield University Student Association has announced that the fall concert featuring headliner Love and Theft is going to be held outside on the Barone Campus Center green on October 18.

There are going to be two opening acts: Joel Crouse and DJ Du. Although the artists have been booked for some time, the location of the concert was just finalized on September 16.

“We were throwing it around before the spring concert was decided last year, but at that point in time we weren’t completely sure about the logistics,” said FUSA Chair of Programming Lindsey Hanley ‘15.

Speaking on behalf of FUSA, Hanley added that an outdoor concert was “something we really wanted to try” since FUSA hasn’t held a concert outdoors since the 1990s. The extra funds needed to hold the concert outdoors were made available by booking a less expensive artist.

Budgetary considerations for the outdoor concert include the fact that two concert locations must be reserved: along with the BCC green, Alumni Hall was reserved as a rain location, says Hanley.

According to Hanley, planning any concert is no quick decision.

“We first have to see which dates [at] Alumni Hall are available so we have to check with athletics. Then from that we have to see who is in our budget and what we’re going for, and from there if the artist is even available that day,” said Hanley. “It’s like a puzzle.”

After it was decided that the concert would take place outside, the next hurdle for FUSA programmers was selecting a location that would safely accommodate an audience of around 2000 people; according to Hanley, the BCC Green, the BCC parking lot, the Dimenna- Nyselius lawn, and the oak room patio were all potential candidates.

The BCC green was eventually selected due to its ability to be sectioned off. “We needed to be able to secure the perimeter, says Hanley. “It’s not in our budget to have a free concert. We needed to be able to charge students.”

To keep trespassers at bay, FUSA will be hiring an expansive security detail comprised of Fairfield Police, Department of Public Safety and student volunteers, says Hanley. All vantage points, such as the patio outside of the Stag will be closed off.

Many details of the concert have yet to be finalized, such as the exact locations of the security fence, security, the entrance and tables.

Also still to be decided is the concert’s age limit; while FUSA concerts have typically been 18+, Hanley says that this concert may be different; “Since this genre doesn’t have the same reputation that our past concerts have had we might be able to open it up to other ages.”

Feeding hungry concert-goers is a priority according to Hanley, who says that the possibility of food trucks is “still being worked out.”

As for the possibility of a spring concert, FUSA cannot make a firm decision until the fall concert has occurred. Profits from ticket sales as well as the FUSA budget after first semester dictate the ability to host another concert in the spring.

With about a month until the concert, planning is still underway. Despite still having decisions to make, Hanley says that FUSA is excited.

“We understand that students want this, [but] we really want this. This is what we spend all of our time doing,” said Hanley. “We all are invested in this so much. We’re absolutely ecstatic that this is happening.”

Tickets are going to cost $25 for students and $40 for guests. They can be purchased at the BCC info desk.

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