Fairfield University Student Association announced at the start of the semester that they were looking for students to join the first-ever Health and Wellness Committee (H&W). Weeks later, the committee’s seven members are working at full speed to deliver on FUSA President Aliyah Seenauth’s ‘24 campaign promises and establish their presence within the campus community. 

H&W Committee Co-Chair Julia Kormylo ‘24 explained that the group’s focus includes a comprehensive approach grounded on multiple aspects of mental and physical health.

“It’s a new committee on FUSA made of two co-chairs and seven representatives. The seven representatives represent seven different areas of health and wellness that we want to focus on.” She then describes the different areas that H&W focus on. 

“For instance, mental health, spirituality and holistic well-being, fitness and nutrition, sexual assault awareness and prevention, alcohol and drug awareness, health and safety and overall student wellness,” Kormylo explains.

“We are here to advocate for the student body’s well-being and just being a link between the student body and administration, as well as the faculty’s Health and Wellness Committee,” said Kormylo. “We have a goal of starting initiatives and running events to better the well-being of the student body.”

This past Monday, Sept. 25, some of the committee members prepared their first visible project: the FUSA Wellness Wall. Located next to the Stag Card office, the wall promotes positive messages and is a way of keeping the community engaged.

The junior student continued to explain that the committee wanted to use the wall as an introduction to the Health and Wellness Committee “so the student body could be aware of our presence.”

Besides that, and with the fourth week of classes almost over, the messages on the Wellness Wall also serve as a “friendly encouragement” to students who are passing by the lower level of the Barone Campus Center.

Some of the messages that were installed read “let your smile change the world,” “always look at what you have, not what you lost,” “shine your light for the world to see it” and “never be afraid to be YOU.”

The wall also has materials students, faculty and visitors can use to add their contributions to the wall.

Additional opportunities for students to be part of the Health and Wellness Committee include general student meetings that are expected to occur twice a semester in the LLBCC for students to participate in. The next meeting is expected to occur sometime in October.

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