Steps have been made towards the construction of a new Student Health Center that will be located in an addition to the west side of Jogues Hall. Currently, the Health Center is located in John C. Dolan Hall, which is an inconvenient location for many students due to its distance from the center of campus. Dolan Hall is situated up behind the Townhouses, which is a long walk from any central campus location such as the quad or the John A. Barone Campus Center.

Students may have noticed that certain parking spots in the Regis parking lot closest to the site have been blocked off. “We were notified by facilities that construction for the new student health center was approved by the town of Fairfield,” said Frank J. Ficko, associate director of the Department of Public Safety. “Tree removal is scheduled to begin on the lawn to the west of Jogues Hall, with construction scheduled to begin immediately.”

As far as how the area looks, it is fenced off, and trees in the yard area have been removed.

Student responses so far have been positive. “I would strongly favor a relocation of the health center,” wrote John McNeil ‘22 via electronic message. “I think it would greatly benefit the student body to have quicker access to the health center.”

“The current location of the health center is a little inconvenient as it is at the furthest edge of campus,” said Kerry Kircher ‘22. “I think that the location change will make the health center much more accessible, but it also may see an influx of patients because students won’t have to go as far.”

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