This year, with the addition of the new building for Ignatian Residential College, which will be located on East Langguth Road, there has been a noticeable increase in the amount of applications rising sophomores sent in for the new space.

With the new residence hall for Ignatian leadership, Loyola Hall will replace Faber Hall as the home of the Creative Life Residential College, of which the latter will become housing for juniors and seniors who were unable to receive housing in the other options for their respective years.

This year, the Office of Residence Life received a total of 590 applications from rising sophomores with over 300 sending in applications for Ignatian, according to Jodie Fitzpatrick, the assistant director of the office of residence life.

There will be 196 students participating in the Ignatian Leadership Residential College. This is larger than usual due to the fact that we wanted the new building to be Ignatian Leadership compared to other years when we only did two floors in Loyola,” said Fitzpatrick.

First-year student Jack Esposito, who was one of the applicants for the Ignatian Leadership Residential College, stated, “I chose Ignatian, but got into Loyola because I wanted to room with my friends. I think it will improve my sophomore experience because I’ll be close to my class buildings.”

Another first-year student, Tom Stolfi, echoed similar sentiments in that, “I went with Ignatian at first when applying, but I felt like Loyola had more to offer me. It’ll be better because my friends are there and I’ll be a lot nearer to where my classes are going to be.”

Fitzpatrick stated that, “A first-year’s excitement about a Residential College comes from hearing about the positive experience and benefits of the program from students who are currently in the programs and those that have gone through the programs.”

The name of the Residential College will be changed next year Fitzpatrick added, “For next year, we have changed the name from Ignatian Residential College to the Ignatian Leadership Residential College which has also created some excitement amongst students. Also because it will be housed in a new building.”

Students who had applied to the Ignatian program, but were not accepted into it, were placed into their second or third choices of Residential Colleges — either the Creative Life or Service for Justice.

“If they [students] did not get into the Ignatian Leadership Res College, they were considered for their second choice. If they did not put a second or third choice, they were able to enter the regular housing lottery for Kostka/Claver and Loyola and stay on the waitlist,” as Fitzpatrick stated.

As for what the new building will offer, Fitzpatrick noted that the rooms are “pod style housing,” with four or eight person rooms being offered. There are also lounges on each floor and a classroom on the first floor of the new space.

A classroom will be offered also in the building similar to Jogues Hall and Loyola. “Because the program is a living and learning program, for high impact purposes it is beneficial to have a classroom in the space students live. Residential College students are required to take a course and the academic component is an integral part of the programs,” Fitzpatrick elaborated.

Fitzpatrick underscored the value of living in a Residential College. “This living and learning experience unique to Fairfield gives students the opportunity for self-reflection through academic courses, a purposeful residential experience and reflective mentorship. Students who participate in the Residential Colleges live in a fun and engaged community and develop incredible friendships, create connections with faculty, are supported by a mentor and peers, discover what excites them, reflect on their future (major, study abroad, internships) and develop leadership skills.”

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