According to the Washington Post, an 84 year old Tennessee nun was sentenced to nearly three years in prison for breaking into a nuclear site.

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio wants to abolish horse drawn carriages because they are “inhumane,” according to NPR.

21 people were killed in Ukraine yesterday, according to CNN, during violent protests over presidential power.

Members of the Pussy Riot, a Russian protest group were released yesterday in Sochi after they were suspected of theft, according to BBC.

Secretary of State John Kerry made a stop to Tunisia yesterday to show US support for the country in converting to Democracy, The New York Times reported.

Doubts have been cast on the Craigslist murder suspect of killing 22 other people from across the country, CBS news reported.

Fox News reports that both the United States and Egypt are concerned over the recent terrorist attacks in Egypt which have targeted tourists.

Atrocities in the North Korean prison camp have been detailed in a recent United Nations report, according to ABC News.

A Chinese zoo is accused of animal mistreatment after one of their pandas suddenly died from organ failure caused by bleeding from gastroenteritis, CNN reported.

Five of seven Japanese female divers who went missing off the coast of the resort island of Bali were discovered by fisherman clinging to a coral reef on Monday, according to CNN.

According to CNN, six illegal gold miners were rescued after they originally refused to leave the South African mine.

According to USATODAY, a pastor/snake-handler/former co-star of the reality TV show Snake Salvation has died … of a snake bite.

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