The International Residential Housing Association will be hosting their annual charity dodgeball tournament on Dec. 3 from 12-4 p.m. in the RecPlex where the winner will take home a grand prize of $500. 

All proceeds will go to The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Junior and President of IRHA Lexi Roberts relayed that the idea for choosing to fundraise for The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention came from an organization-wide vote during September’s general assembly meeting.

“When we voted, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention was presented by Loyola and had the overwhelming majority,” Roberts explains.

Roberts continues to mention that, “ I think college students know how important mental health is and know that it should be supported and I was very happy that this was a cause that our members are very passionate about supporting.”

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention was founded in 1987. It is a voluntary health organization that gives those affected by suicide a nationwide community empowered by research, education and advocacy to take action against this leading cause of death. AFSP has chapters in all 50 states and programs/events nationwide.

Their misssion is “dedicated to saving lives and bringing hope to those affected by suicide, including those who have experienced a loss.”

 AFSP engages in funding scientific research, educating the public about mental health and suicide prevention, advocating for public policies in mental health and suicide prevention and supporting survivors of suicide loss and those affected by suicide.

For those who want to learn more they can follow AFSP on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Students can sign up to participate in the event through “some monetary donation and a team of 5-7 people.”

Last year those who participated in the event were able to raise $681 for Capalbo Strong. There is no required set amount for each team’s donation and is at the discretion of the team members. IRHA will accept donations through both cash and Venmo. 

Roberts says students should sign up because not only is it “a lot of fun,  it’s for a good cause [and] it also is very competitive for some because of the $500 prize.”

Roberts is most excited for “all of our IRHA members to see their hard work pay off planning this event.”

Senior Emma Cindrich, co-director of programming explains how IRHA, “has been working hard over these past few months to ensure our second dodgeball tournament is a success.”

Cindrich continues to relay that, “we are urging anyone who is able to, to come and play dodgeball on [Dec. 3]. We also want to welcome any spectators who want to watch their friends play.”

“We all get to see our community come together to have fun while supporting a good cause,” Roberts adds. “Also during the event I am excited to watch the final round because last year we had a big crowd and it was so much fun to be a spectator.” 

Sophomore Jacqueline Rigazio is also looking forward to the event stating, “it’s going to be a super fun event that also supports a great cause.”

Rigazio continues by saying, “I find it really special how the student body always comes together to support charity.”

With regards to AFSF, Rigazio states, “ I feel that as college students this cause hits close to home for a lot of people, since mental health is a big concern on college campuses.”

“It is really awesome how these Fairifeld students can support this cause while having fun and being active,” Rigazio concludes.

IRHA is accepting sign ups until the event’s start time at 12 p.m. the day of. If students are interested they can sign up on IMLeagues. For more updates on the event and throughout the semester, students should follow IRHA instagram @fairfieldirha to stay in the loop.

(Editor’s Note: Copy, Vine Editor Brooke Lathe is a marketing specialist for IRHA and therefore had no part in this article before its publication) 

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