The new Fairfield University App, FairfieldU, has been officially opened for student use. Students now have a one-stop shop place where they can view all things Fairfield.  

With its easy to navigate and colorful layout, the FairfieldU app gives students access to important information such as calendars and events, the StagBus schedule, library hours and a full map of campus to view. The Stags Athletics schedule is also available, and students can now buy merchandise and purchase game tickets right through the app. Alongside these features are links to everyday websites students use such as Blackboard, Orgsync, Gmail, Laundry View and the Starbucks app.

The ITS4U Help Desk is available for contact as well as the Health Center. Reaching student records, billing and payments and financial aid is also available through the app.

FairfieldU is also customizable. Users can change around the order of the links to make it even easier to find their favorite or most used resources.

The application also incorporates an emergency phone line to the Department of Public Safety. In the event of an emergency, students can simply click a button and be connected to an officer who can help them. In previous years DPS has tried two different apps for students to use in order to contact them at any time, but both failed to attract significant student attention and discontinued.

Similar to the past failed attempts of apps by the Department of Public Safety, the FairfieldU app has received little attention.

Sophomore Cole Hansen said, “I have downloaded it but haven’t really used it much. There hasn’t really been anything going on that would make me use it.”

Many students have downloaded the app to find they really haven’t needed it. Despite offering many services, it seems that students don’t have a use for the information it supplies.

Some students were unaware it was released at all, Noah Perelli ‘20 said, “I didn’t download it because honestly I haven’t even heard of it. I’ve never heard my friends talk about it or anything either.”

However, the one group it seems to be succeeding with is the first-year class. For many new students, the FairfieldU app supplies them with information that they would not know yet about campus.

First-year student Tori Solomine said, “Yes I downloaded the app. It is really useful for laundry and the bus and stuff.”

Solomine added, “many of my friends use it as well.”


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