Dübendorf, Switzerland – Solar Impulse, a completely solar powered airplane from Switzerland, has completed a three-day journey from Hawaii to San Francisco in one of the final legs of its around the world test flight. The airplane, which requires no fuel source, was first created by Swiss engineer André Borschberg and made its first test flight in December 2009. Since then, the airplane was improved and embarked on its first ever flight around the world.

Republic of the Congo, Africa – Congolese artist Papa Wemba died on stage during a live performance. The musician is credited with pioneering a blend of African, Cuban and Western music styles, as well as revolutionizing music in modern Africa. The musician reportedly fell ill early Saturday morning, according to BBC sources, and collapsed on stage. The cause of death is still under investigation.

Syria – The United Nations envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, as well as President Obama, have admitted that the fragile truce in Syria is quickly falling apart. In his visit to the U.K. on Friday, the president faced increased questioning in regards to a “Plan B” if the U.S./Russian brokered truce falls through. Obama noted that the U.S. has looked at options for that case and “none of them are great.”  Increased government airstrikes on its people have reportedly killed many, as the total death toll in the country continues to increase. De Mistura hopes that a regional summit will be convened to maintain the failing truce and ultimately save lives.

Ecuador – A week after the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that shook Ecuador, the country still remains in shambles. There are over 646 confirmed deaths and the nation is calling the earthquake one of the largest “National Tragedies” in decades. Having support and aid from over 27 countries, over 113 people have been rescued so far.

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