Bangalore, India- Protests that began last week over a water sharing deal between Karnataka and the neighboring state, Tamil have resulted in two deaths. One of the men was shot dead by police and the other died in a hospital from injuries that he got from a fall while running away from police during the riots.

Xiamen, China- Typhoon Meranti, the strongest typhoon since Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines in 2013, hit China after it hit Taiwan on the morning of Sept. 13. The streets of Xiamen were found covered in broken glass from windows that were shattered by fallen trees. In the nearby town of Fujan, an 800-year-old Song dynasty wooden bridge was washed away.

Vancouver, Canada- Kevin Garratt, a Canadian held in China for two years and charged with spying, was returned to Canada on Sept. 15. During a visit to China this month, the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau raised Garratt’s case. A Canadian government official said that Garratt was formally sentenced earlier in the week and then released on bail.

Mexico City, Mexico- Through a social media campaign, hundreds were drawn to a march demanding President Enrique Pena Nieto’s resignation. The march was comprised primarily of young people and was small for a march in a city of 20 million residents. According to Yahoo News, Nieto suffers from abysmal approval ratings and in June, his party lost gubernatorial elections in four states it had never lost in before.

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