Queensland, Australia- A new species of dinosaur was officially discovered on Oct. 20, according to online news website, The Verge. The new dinosaur species, called the ‘Savannasaurus elliottorum,’ was named after David and Judy Elliott who discovered the bones of the dinosaur on their Australian farm in 2005. After 10 years of work, a group of scientists led by Australian paleontologist Stephen Poropat were able to publish their findings in the journal, Scientific Reports. The information revealed how dinosaurs spread across the entire planet before they went extinct.

Mosul, Iraq- According to CNN, ISIS killed 284 men and boys on Oct. 20 and Oct. 21. Those killed were used by ISIS as human shields against attacks from Iraqi, Kurdish and U.S. troops, according to NBC, forcing ISIS out of Mosul, Iraq’s last major stronghold.

Málaga, Spain- The Foreign and Commonwealth Office is investigating the reported death of a British man who was found dead outside of Málaga Airport on Oct. 21, according to Sky News. The man was found with his pants around his ankles, tied to a bench near the airport with cable ties. The cause of his death remains unknown.

Libya- On Oct. 21, 3,300 migrants and refugees were rescued off the coast of Libya by Italian coast guards from sunken migrant boats, reported CNN. Along with the rescues, seven bodies were found. The migrants and refugees were attempting to flee from Libya to Europe. It is not known how many died or if the cause of the sinking boats was due to an attack.

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