Alpine, Texas- Alpine High School was evacuated on Thursday, Sept. 8 after one person was killed in an “active shooter incident,” according to the Brewster County Sheriff’s Office. Additionally, other schools in the area went on lockdown while the shooter was on the loose.


Oakland, Calif.- After a sex scandal in June that involved a teenage sex worker and police officers, the Mayor of Oakland announced on Wednesday, Sept. 7 the departure of four police officers and seven other officials connected to the scandal. The officers are facing violations of attempted sexual assault, assisting in the crime of prostitution and failing to report a violation of the law.


Longmont, Colo.- Vanessa and David Hall were jailed on suspicion of abusing their 17-year-old blind and autistic son. Their son was hospitalized, weighing 88 pounds. Dr. Denise Hasson likened the boy’s condition to that of a concentration camp survivor.


Central Valley, N.Y.- An Israel-based rabbi, Aharon Goldberg and an Orthodox Jewish man, Shimen Liebowitz, were arrested in connection to a plot to kidnap and murder a man whose wife wanted to divorce him.


Pawnee, Okla.- An earthquake that hit Oklahoma on Sept. 3 was recorded as the strongest earthquake in the state’s history, with a magnitude of 5.8 on the Richter scale. The earthquake fueled growing concerns over seismic activity linked to a decade-long boom in oil and gas production.


Kansas City, Kan.- Lawrence John Ripple, 70, was arrested for robbing a bank. Ripple later claimed that he robbed the bank in order to avoid coming home to his wife. Ripple apparently told his wife that “he’d rather be in jail than at home” during an argument, according to Yahoo News.


Riverview, Mo.- Police found the body of protest leader Darren Seals, 29, inside a burning car, five miles east of Ferguson on Tuesday, Sept. 6. Detectives have yet to determine a motive or identify any witnesses in the death of Seals.


Sudden Valley, Wash.- Northwest Washington was struck with a 3.2 magnitude earthquake on Tuesday, Sept. 6 according to the United States Geological Survey. The earthquake briefly shook homes and rattled residents around 11:50 p.m.



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