Columbus, Ohio- 13-year-old Tyree King was fatally shot by police on Wednesday, Sept. 14 after he pulled out a weapon, which later was discovered to be a BB gun. King was transported to the Nationwide Children’s Hospital where he was pronounced dead.


Fort Pierce, Fla.- Joseph Michael Schreiber was arrested on Wednesday, Sept. 14 on charges of setting fire to the mosque attended by gunman Omar Mateen, who committed the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history in Orlando this past June. Investigators found that Schreiber posted anti-Islamic material on social media.


Kansas City, Mo.- Missouri lawmakers voted on Wednesday, Sept. 14 to eliminate the need for permits to carry concealed weapons, overriding Democratic Governor Jay Nixon’s vetoes. The weapons bill abolished a state law requiring a permit, training and background checks in order to carry a concealed weapon in the state.


Scottsdale, Ariz.- 33-year-old Lindsey Ann Radomski, a yoga instructor who was accused of letting boys as young as 11 years old fondle her breasts at a bar mitzvah party in March 2015, was acquitted of all charges on Sept. 14. Radomski was cleared of counts of public sexual indecency and indecent exposure.


San Diego, Calif.- SeaWorld San Diego has announced that it will stop breeding killer whales in captivity after years of pressure from animal rights activists. The decision came after SeaWorld pledged in November to replace its signature “Shamu” killer whale shows with modified versions of the animals that focused on conservation.


Philadelphia, Penn.- In response to Philadelphia’s soft drinks tax, which will take effect in January 2017, the U.S. soda lobby and small businesses are suing to block the tax. San Francisco will vote in November whether to impose a similar tax on sugared drinks.


Tulsa, Okla.- 30-year-old Cody Johnson was taken into custody on a murder charge for beating and sexually abusing the 1-year-old daughter of his girlfriend. According to police, Johnson and his girlfriend brought her unresponsive daughter to a hospital in Tulsa on Sept. 10 saying that the girl had tripped over her pajamas and fallen on a toy.
Baltimore, Md.- A commission has urged the removal of two city-owned Confederate monuments, including one that is dedicated to a Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger Taney, who was notorious for delivering the majority opinion in the 1857 Dred Scott case. However, the commission is struggling to find someone willing to take the statues.

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