James M. Macdonnell, a 19-year-old non-student from New York, was arrested on campus for criminal trespassing and assault early Sunday morning after causing a disturbance at a townhouse.

According to the CT Post, Macdonnell told the townhouse resident who answered the door that he knew one of his roommates. The student left to confirm this before finding out that Macdonnell made a false claim.

When the student returned, he found Macdonnell already inside the house and poking holes in the kitchen wall with a knife, the CT Post reported.

However, Associate Director of Public Safety Frank Ficko refuted this claim, saying that there was no knife on the scene when DPS arrived and no signs of damage or vandalism.

The CT Post also reported that upon being asked to leave by the townhouse residents, Macdonnell refused. He allegedly threatened to return and kill the students.

Eventually, the residents got Macdonnell out of the house and called a resident assistant, who then called DPS once Macdonnell tried to urinate on the townhouse porch, stated CT Post.

Ficko referred to Macdonnell as being “unruly” and “uncooperative,” adding that Macdonnell was cursing and spat at a DPS officer.

Per the CT Post, the police report also states that Macdonnell threatened to kill a Fairfield police officer.

When asked why Macdonnell was on campus, Ficko said he was visiting a student.

“These kind of incidents don’t happen often, but usually happen with non-students,” Ficko said.

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