This past Friday marked the eighth annual Presidential Ball, hosted at the Bellarmine Mansion and attended by students of all grades.

This year the theme was nautical and, despite it being the second year in a row that it has rained on the event, students made the hike up the hill to the president’s mansion for a night of dancing, food and fun.

“DJ International” played a mix of current rap and hip-hop songs, pop songs and even some older hits from the early 2000’s that left students dancing and enjoying themselves into the late hours of the night.

“The music was great and I felt a real sense of the Fairfield community,” said Mickey Stein ’16.

In addition, various hors d’oeuvres and refreshments were served such as mozzarella sticks, cupcakes and non-alcoholic daiquiris.

According to FUSA President Rob Vogel ’13, with roughly 2,100 to 2,200 students in attendance, the turnout was better than expected.

Each student was offered the customary option of getting their photo taken with Fr. Jeffrey Von Arx S.J. before they entered the crowded tent.

Those who worked to plan the event were pleased with the end result.

“After starting the planning for the event over the summer it was nice to see everything come together and see everyone have such a good time,” said Lindsey Hanley ‘15, director of special events for FUSA.

Those who attended the “Prez Ball” were primarily freshmen and sophomores, but juniors and seniors also attended the ball as well. Some students voiced their opinions and enthusiasm about their experience of the event.

“Prez ball was amazing. Totally underrated! Perfect mix of classy and getting nasty. The DJ was on point and it was one of the best experiences I’ve had at Fairfield so far,” said Victoria Heinsohn ’16.

“I was a little wary of going as a junior but I’m glad I decided to. I ended up seeing a lot more people that I know than I thought I would,” said Kristin Dangler ’14.

Not everything during the night went according to plan, however. At 11 p.m. the music had to be turned down because of noise complaints in the area and eight students were transported to the hospital due to intoxication.

Although these setbacks added a bit of a negative spin to the night, those who planned the event and those who attended seemed to enjoy themselves nonetheless.

“Overall the night went smoothly and was a huge success,” said Hanley. “The entire night definitely set a positive tone for the rest of the FUSA events throughout the year.”

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