While responding to a fight at the Village area involving two non-students on the morning of April 12, a Public Safety officer pulled out his gun, according to Associate Director of Public Safety Frank Ficko.

Ficko said that when the officer asked one of the suspects for identification, as per normal standard procedure, the suspect fled, with the officer following. A foot chase ensued while the suspect continued to ignore the officer’s commands to stop. The suspect was found lying facedown in the grass near Hopkins Pond with his hands tucked under his waistband.

After the suspect ignored the officer’s request to put his hands to the side where they could be seen, the officer, for safety reasons, un-holstered his sidearm.

The suspect then complied, and was arrested by the Fairfield Police Department for disorderly conduct, along with another non-student.

Lt. Michael Walsh of the Fairfield Police Department named the two arrested as Eric Ruff and Antwaun Roach-Baptiste, the suspect involved in the foot chase. Both were warned never to return to University property, Walsh said.

According to Ficko, the officer pulling out his gun is “consistent with Department training and procedures.”

“The officer’s safety is paramount,” he said.

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